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History and Philosophy of Aza Imam Hussain (A.S):

Part 1:
Over one thousand three hundred and fifty years ago, on the 10th of Muharram, just before 'asr, a man stood on a sand-dune at Karbala’. He was bleeding from several wounds on his body. He had lost everything. Since early morning he had carried several dead bodies into his camp. He had even buried his infant child.
He looked at the bodies of his loved ones. Tears flowed out of his eyes. He looked at the sky and seemed to draw some strength from an unseen source. Then, like a muezzin from a minaret, he raised a call: “Is there anyone who will come to assist us? Is there anyone who will respond to our call for aid?”
He turned direction and repeated the call. He did this four times.
Whom was he calling out to? Surely he was not expecting anyone to come to his aid. Those who wanted to help him had already crossed the lines and laid down their lives for the cause. He knew there was no one left. He knew that there was no other Hurr. And yet, meticulously and laboriously, he made sure that his call reverberated in all directions.
Of course that call was a call to Muslims of every generation in every land. It was a call to us where ever we may be. It was a call for help. Help against Yezeedism which in every age rears its ugly head to oppress justice, truth and morality. Our Imam was calling out to every Muslim of every age and time to combat Yezeedism, both within himself and as an external force.
This was his battle cry for jihad-ul-akbar. He had already demonstrated that his objective had always been to create a spiritual awakening through amr bil ma'ruf and nahyi anil munkar. Now he was calling out for the continuation of this jihad at the individual, social and political levels.

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In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


After completing the introduction on the subject now we will discuss some ahadeeth and rewayaat concerning to 

Ahlal bait as a whole and see what the holy prophet said and how the Ummah in general did ?

1. Ref. ( In book Nayabe-ul-Mawadat Chapter No.3, ) 

Imam Ahmed ibn Hambal narrates from Ans bin Malik, Hamooni narrates from Salma bin Akwa and Abu Saeed Khizre , Hakem from Jabir bin Abdullah and Abdullah bin Abbas , Hamooni from Imam Mohammad Baqir (A.S.) and Imam from his forefathers up to hazrat Ali (A.S.) , Hassan Massana from his father hazrat Imam Hassan (A.S.) and Imam from his father hazrat Ali (A.S.) , Hasham bin Hassan from Imam Hussain (A.S.) , Ammash from Imam Jafar Sadeq (A.S.) and the Imam from his fore fathers . 

In all the above mentioned series of references the Holy Prophet said, " The stars are protection for the inhabitants of sky when the star will finish the inhabitants of sky will also finish and the same way my Ahlal Bait are the protection for the inhabitants of earth, when my Ahlal Bait will pass away from the earth the earth along with its all being will collapse. 

Further in the same rewayaat the holy prophet said that I am going to leave two precious things among you and they are the book of Allah ( Quran ) and my Ahlal - Bait. If you (the direct address is to Sahabah Karam ) keep yourself linked with both of them you will never be misguided from the right path of Allah . Still this rewayat is continuing, but here I will comment a bit. From the saying of holy prophet it is very clear that to be with Quran and Ahlal Bait is the guarantee of right path . They are the standard of right path Sahabah Karam and all other ummah have to be faithfully link themselves to them to insure that their are following the right path. The Quran and the Ahlal Bait are the standard and the whole ummah including Sahaba Karam are those who are to adapt the standard, and it is very clear to every sensible being that standard and those who are to adapt standard can never be of the same status. Further in the same Rewayat the Holy Prophet said learn from them and don't teach them because they are given a knowledge from God which you do not have. To Allah they are highly respectable beings. 

2 :- Ref. (Mishkat ul Mesbayee, Chapter - 4,)

Hazrat Abu Zar Ghafari said by holding the door of Ka'ba that he heard the Holy Prophet saying " My Ahlal Bait are like the boat of Nuh, one who got in, got the success , and one who failed to do so has ended himself in vain and loss. 

3: Ref. (Zakhair tul okba,)

From ibn Abbas the holy prophet said, " Do not imagine any one to be as my Ahlal Bait. 

4:- Ref. ( Same above book )

In the same above referred book from Jabir ibn Abdullah " If some one does not recite Darood on Mohammed and Ale Mohammed during his prayer such a prayer is not accepted to God.

5:- Ref. Al Sumteen (referred by Neyabiul Mawadat ) p-685 , 

Narrated by ibn-a- Abbas one day, one jew of Medina name Nasal came to holy prophet and asked few questions, his first question was about Tauheed, the holy prophet replied in detail. His second question was that every prophet has his special descendent called "Wassi " as Haroon was the Wassi of our prophet Musa so who is your Wassi ,The Holy Prophet replied that Ali is my Wassi after that the two Sibt Hassan and Hussain and after them the nine from the generation of Hussain, then Nasal said , tell me their names also. The Holy Prophet said that after Hussain his son Zain-ul-Abideen and after him his son Mohammed Baqer, than after him his son Jafar-e-Sadeq, and then after him his son Mussa-e-Kazim and then his son Ali Raza and then his son Mohammad Taqi and after him his son Ali Naqi and after him his son Hassan Askari and lastly his son Mohammad Mehdi will be the Imam.

The next question of the Nasal was that how Ali, Hassan and Hussain will pass away from this world. The holy prophet said Ali will die with the result of hitting of sword, Hassan will be given poison and then Hussain will be slaughtered. Again he questioned what will be their status in the next world the Holy Prophet replied in the Heaven with me in my status. Upon this Jew Nasal said that I give the evidence that there is no God except that one and Mohammad (A.S.) is his prophet and all above mentioned people are your Ousia, I myself have gone through these facts in the books of former prophets and our prophet Mussa took the oath of all these facts from us. Further Hazrat Mussa told us that in the last era one prophet named Mohammed and Ahmed will come , he will be the last messenger of God. He will have twelve Ousia the first will be his cousin and then two brothers . The ummah will kill the first wasi with sword the second will be given poison and the third will be slaughtered with all his relatives and friends . Then there will be the nine Imams in the generation of third one and these are equal to the number of Usbate. The holy prophet asked that do you know the Usbate. He replied yes I know them they were twelve person the first of them was Ladhe bin Barchia who disappeared and again appeared the Holy Prophet said that my eleventh son will also disappear and such a time will come that only the name of Islam will be left , at a such a critical time God will permit him to reappear and to re-dominate Islam again, the good news of well be for those who will follow and help him and those will oppose him will face ultimate destruction .

6:- Ref :- Sawaeqe Mohrka Ibn Hajar Macci P- 105

The Holy Prophet said " Oh people High respect, The Fazal and The Sharaf is for the holy race of Prophet of God. therefore do not put yourselves in wrong and deceiving position. " Every one can now think and imagine that while Holy Prophet was saying " Oh People " To whom was he addressing?

7:- Ref :- Sawaeqe Mohrke Chpt. 11, P-79. 

Addressing to the people ( Sahabah Karam ) Holy Prophet said " Look ! Do not get ahead and do not get back from my Ahlal Bait other wise you will put your- self in the state of destruction " It means that in every condition you have to follow them if you lead or quit them in both the condition you will be the looser, ( the history clearly indicates that the people adapted both the extremes.) 

8:- Ref :- Sheik Yousf Nabahani in a book Saraf-n- Nabuwa P- 31.

A group of people narrated from Hazarat Abu Zar that Holy Prophet said " Take my Ahlal Bait as the head is for the body and eyes are for the head and head is only guided by the eyes to walk on the straight route "

9:- Ref:- Sauti ( Ahya e Mellat ) , Nabahai (Al-Arbaheen ) , Ibn Hajar (Sawaeke Mohrka) 

Holy Prophet said " The love of Ahlal Bait is must for you because if any one who meets the God in a state that one's loves us the God will gift him Heaven due to our Shafa'at, I swear to God that no one will be benefited by his good deeds till he loves and cares of our status " 

10 ________Ref :- With the above first two references Tibrani and Hakim narrated : 

Holy Prophet said " If any one keeps standing between Hajre Aswad and Maqam-e-Ibraheem for his whole life and prays and fasts but has enmity with Ahlal Bait will be thrown in the Hell. 

Dear friends please think upon these with an open mind :-

Did Holy Quran ever mention the purification of anyone except Ahlal-Bait ? 

Did Holy Quran make the love (Mowadat) of anyone compulsory except Ahlal Bait ? 

Is Ayat-e- Mubahela for anyone except Ahlal Bait ? 

Is Sura Hal- Ata for anyone except Ahlal Bait ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not the strong rope of God ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not those Sadeyqeen for whom God ordered in Quran to be with them ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not those ullel Amr for those God ordered that obey to God, obey to prophet and obey to ullel Amr which are among you ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not those Ahlel Zikr for whom God order the people ask the Ahlel Zikr if you don't know? 

Is the Ayah Welayat not for Ahlal Bait ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not the same Nemat (blessing) of God for which everyone will be asked for ? 

Is the Ayah in which God says " Why the people are jealous of our those special people whom we gave the gift of Nemah (blessing) ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not the Rasekhoon Fil Ilam ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not those about whom God says that they have fulfilled their promise ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not Khair ul Baria ( The best being ) ? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not those for whom God says that they have sold themselves for the pleasure of God?

Are the Ahlal Bait not Zil Qurbh of Holy Prophet ? 

Are the Ahlal bait not AL-Yaseen for whom the Quran says Salamun Ala AL-Yaseen? 

Are the Ahlal Bait not included in the Darood with Holy Prophet ? 

There are countless Ayyaat and Ahadeeth in honour of Ahlal Bait . The above mentioned are the admitted facts and all of them are mentioned in the Ahal-e- Sunnah Books see for reference 

( Tafseer Kashsaf Pt.3 P-68 , Sawak -e- Muhrka , Tafseer Imam Sawalbi , Sherah Tegreed , Hulia -tul- Owliya , Neyabeul Mowadat ,Imam Hakim Mustadrak , ... )

See the condition of the graves of Ahlal Bait and estimate the level of enmity of Ummah.
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Name:Fatima (AS)
Title:Zahra, Siddiqa, Tahira, Razia, Inssiya, Batool, Marziya, Mohaddisa, Hamida, KhirunisaHadi, Umul Hassanain, Ume Abeeha & Umul Aiymma
Father:Hazarat Muhammad ibn Abdillah (SAW)
Mother:Bibi khadijah Kubra bint khuwaylid
Date Of Birth:Born in Mecca on Friday, 20th jumada th-thaaniyah in the fifth year after the declaration of the prophet hood (615 AD).
Date of Shahada:Died at the age of 18 in Medina on 14th Jumada l-ula 11 AH ( 632 AD);
Place of Shahada:Medina
Holy Shrine:Jannatul-Baqi

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الســـــلام و عـلیــــکم، یا عــلی۴ مـدد!

مـــولا عــلی۴ نے فـرمــایا :

" تمہــــاری نیت کی پیمـــائش اســــوقت ھوتی ہے جب تـــم کســی ایسے شخص کے ســـاتھ بھـــلائی کرو جو تمہیں کچھ بھـی نہ دے سکتــــا ھو"

•♥اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ وعَجِّلْ فَرَجَهُمْ ♥ •
السلام عليكم
˚˚ ♥ يــــا عــــلــي ۴ مــــــدد ♥ ˚˚
˚˚ ♥ سَلام يَا حُسْين ♥ ˚˚
الْعَجَــلَ الْعَجَــلَ يَا مَـــــوْلَايَ يَا صَــاحِبَ الـــزَّمَانِ
Farman By:-MOLA ALI A.S
Ref:- Ma'waiz e Adadiya

" Behtareen Dil Wo Hy Jo Ziyada Nighay'dasht Karnay Wala Ho

Sajid Ali Turi

10 Muharram Parachinar Juloos 2012